About Pilot Rock

Pilot Rock is dedicated to your child’s early education.  Children are nurtured in their academic and spiritual development through avenues, which include:

  • Committed faculty and staff who serve as role models for your child and who strive for excellence in teaching.
  • Promotion of your child’s self-esteem.
  • Controlled class size which allows your child to have individual care and attention.
  • Open and ongoing communication between you and your child’s teachers.
  • Numerous enriching developmental opportunities to enhance the core program.
  • Caring and consistent discipline for your child’s individual development.

Pilot Rock offers Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten and Kinder-Care Enrichment classes.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: “Pilot Rock, promotes academic excellence in Early Childhood Education.  The spiritual thread of loving relationships, along with the children’s mental, emotional, social and physical needs.  Pilot Rock strives to offer the families of its community the option of educating their children with love & kindness as the center of their development.”